Double Portion

Fall Camp Meeting 2023

Join us as we hold on to this truth and go after ALL that He has spoken.
Are you needing a touch from the King of kings? Come! All are welcome. These daily meetings will be POWERFUL.

Sunday, September 17th - 10:40am & 6pm
Monday, September 18th - 10am & 7pm
Tuesday, September 19th - 10am & 7pm
Wednesday, September 20th - 10am & 7pm
Thursday, September 21th - 10am & 7pm
Friday, September 22th - 10am & 7pm
Saturday - Recovery Day
Sunday, September 24th - 10:40am & 6pm
Monday, September 25th - 10am & 7pm
Tuesday, September 26th - 10am & 7pm
Wednesday, September 27th - 10am & 7pm
Thursday, September 28th - 10am & 7pm
Friday, September 29th - 10am & 7pm
Saturday, September 30th - 10am & 7pm
Sunday, October 1st - 10:40am & 6pm

The River Children's Ministry will be in session during all of these sessions.