Pastor Trina Perkins

  • Administrator/Ministry Leader for The River Outreach Ministries (TROM)
  • Plans and organizes outreach events
  • Makes travel arrangements for overseas mission trips and guests
  • Plans church events such as Anniversary Sundays and Camp Meetings
  • Assists with media advertising for events
  • Manages our swag
  • Personal Assistant to Pastor Lew (assists with various projects)

Elder Deirdre Cooper 

  • Bookkeeping (anything to do with the church finances):
    • Maintains church bank accounts/books
    • Processes offering/deposits
    • Pays bills
    • Financial reports for Ministry and Executive Councils
  • Attends council meetings and prepares meeting minutes
  • Handles corporate matters
  • Manages membership, including database maintenance

Elder Cathy Eldridge 

  • Ministry in Motion ministry leader to help people get plugged into ministry
  • Assists with setting up various meetings
  • Elder Deirdre's Assistant with counting offering
  • Various administrative support

Deaconess Abby Winslow

  • Church app administrator
  • Assists with media advertising
  • Assist the Worship Department with scheduling
  • Assists with administration

Deaconess Sheenah Pedersen 

  • Church website administrator
  • Graphic design work 
  • River Learning Academy Administrator & teacher
  • Assists the Worship Department and Technical Support

Faith Foote 

  • Church administrator
  • Maintains church calendar
  • Graphic design work

Dawn McDermott

  • Leads up Community Resources
  • Supports community needing Exemption Letters
  • Church Administrator

Elder Carmelita Grace

  • Church Administrator

Deaconess Danielle Jones

  • Church Administrator

Sharlene Meakins

  • Church Administrator
  • Pastor Trina's Administrative Assistant